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Stocks vs Forex – Which Should You Choose to Trade?

You have the money to invest with but cannot decide whether to put it in stocks or forex. Many investors have given a thumbs up in favor of forex as being a better investment. Below are the reasons why.
1. Forex offers more security than stocks.
Because forex is a very huge liquid market, it has more stability and easier to predict than stocks.
2. Forex is cheaper to invest in than stocks
You can open an account in forex on a slow as $250, although starting with at least $1000 is more advisable. In stocks, you need to fork out several thousands of dollars to get you started in trading.
3. Forex gives you higher earnings than stocks.
Unlike stock brokers, forex brokers, like Alpari, don’t get their commissions from your profits and leaves your basic profit intact. If you are interested in hiring a credible forex broker, take to drop by and know more about the services they are offering.
4. Forex earns money faster than stocks.
You can open a trade in forex and earn your profits all in a single day. A lot of people keep their stocks for at least ten years.
5. Forex is easier to manage than stocks.
Forex is more stable and predictable, making it easier to follow than stocks. Forex can be accessed 24-hours a day on 5 business days from your own computer.

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