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What if my PPI provider won’t help?

PPI providerIf you’ve been turned down by your lender, then the next point of call should be the independent consumer complaints organisation: the Financial Ombudsman Service.

It will step in and formally investigate any claim that the loan provider hasn’t resolved, within six to eight weeks. The service is free and they will independently assess the merits of your case and is then the final say on the matter.

Many will be tempted to use a PPI claims management company who will offer to do all the leg work to reclaim your money, but will claim as much as 30% from your refund, which is an exceptionally large amount for something that you can do yourself for free.

What should I say in my complaint letter?

If you’re going it alone, then you will need to draft up a complaint letter. If you’re going to write your own and not use a template, it is important to avoid angry undertones. Instead the focus should clearly and concisely list, why you believe you’re owed.

Include copies of any relevant documentation that supports your claim.

Also ensure that you send your letter by recorded deliver to ensure you’re aware when the bank received the letter, and that they respond within the required eight weeks.


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