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How Can I Find Out If I Have PPI?

PPIIf you have any paper work for your credit or store card or loan then check these for any additional payments that you could be paying towards PPI. If you don’t have any statements to hand, then contacting the lender, is the best thing to do. Contact the lender is what you should do when you are in the lack of needed statements to hand, that is the most important thing to do.

All of the negativity surrounding PPI means that the providers are aware they need to uphold any valid claims, however it won’t stop many of the lenders initially rejecting the claims.

Who do I contact about my claim?

Going to the provider directly is normally the best course of action, and the easiest way to reclaim your money. In most cases the lender will pay without any real challenge, after all the major banks and lenders have set aside billions to pay back those who were unfairly sold policies.

However if they disagree with your claim and continue to insist that the policy was sold to you fairly then you have the right to dispute the claim and after providing solid evidence they will have to bank down.


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