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Creditor Harassment And Intimidation

download (14)In modern upside down economic system, when so many individuals are getting ready to pay off any financial debt and obtain control of their lifestyles, the sharks are in the rich waters. Be careful about the fraudsters and fake financial collection organizations. They will try to intimidate you out of your cash and once they do then they’ll have enough details about you for more identity theft. Below are chosen areas an experience one of our customers revealed to us about an IRS fraud that was well-known in 2014.

•… Well I called that number and it was very disturbing, these individuals were informing me they are placing me in prison because they declare that I due cash to the IRS* from 2010. They were overwhelming and I know without a question that I do not owe any cash to the IRS, because I have not obtained anything from them…

•… I informed them I may have $200, to which they said that was not enough, and would be delivering an official to my home to take me to jail** and that if I was lying about how much was in my benefits they would discover out and worsen it for me…

•… So I did some analyzing and I am not the only individual they have known and threaten imprisonment, this has got to be a fraud. I have complained about them; they are contacting from St. Peters-burg Florida. I looked up the number; maybe you could review them too.

There are several factors to create here. 1, impersonating the IRS is a criminal activity. 2, harmful imprisonment or risks of any type to acquire pay back of a financial debt could very well be extortion. And 3, our customer had the lack of ability to do her preparation and track the source of the contact number on the internet.


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