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Top Three Celebrity Credit Card Endorsements

Would you buy a financial product from a celebrity? Do you yearn to live the super-rich lifestyle of your favourite stars? Check out the three most enterprising celebrity credit card endorsements.
1. The Kardashian Kard

In 2010, the irrepressible Kardashian sisters partnered with Mastercard to launch their own pre-paid credit card. The Kardashians argued that their card actually helped teens to ‘learn the value’ of money by spending on a card with a pre-set limit; which is clearly more important than knowing how to spell ‘card’ correctly. The card costs $99 dollars to use for a period of 12 months and comes pre-loaded with $5.00. The card is just one part of a commercial empire that includes reality TV shows, retail stores, clothing and fragrance lines.

2. A-Rod’s Rush Card
The New York Yankees star teamed up with Visa to launch a new pre-paid Dynasty Rush card in autumn of this year. The most recent advert is the first ever Spanish-language advertisement for the card. The card costs $10 to buy, as opposed to the regular $4 charge of a normal Rush card. This fact was cause for criticism, but it depends whether you think an A-Rod endorsement is worth any amount of start up charges.

3. Usher Master Card
Emblazoned with the word ‘success’ in gold, the Usher Raymond IV Master Card. Booths set up at his concert venues sold the card to fans during his US tour. It’s only part of an empire that includes signing teen sensation Justin Bieber. Usher himself has been on the music scene since his late teens, breaking out with a self-titled album in 1994.

Endorsements are a way for celebrities to increase their income way beyond what they would earn from selling their own product or skill alone. For reality stars, athletes and musicians, endorsements are now an accepted method of becoming incredibly wealthy. What do you think of celebrities that endorse a variety of products – do you perceive them as being smart and money-wise or do too many endorsements negatively affect your enjoyment of an athlete or entertainer’s work? Is there such thing as an endorsement too far (Jessica Simpson endorsing a pocket knife is one we can think of). Before long we’ll have celebrities endorsing mortgages and CIS refunds. Of course, brands can be just as quick to end relationships with celebrities if the association becomes sour – think Nivea dropping Rihanna for being too controversial, or Kelloggs saying goodbye to Michael Phelps after his bong scandal.

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