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Hunt Gersin and His Thoughts on the Role of Personal Relationships in Business

Few issues are as complex and challenging for people to deal with than mortgage. For the mathematically inclined, dealing with all those numbers may not be as big a problem, but even they can still struggle at times with managing their mortgage. In order to handle this aspect of their life more expertly, people have resorted to calling in mortgage professionals that can help them with all the things concerning the mortgage. Times have changed however, and what was once a very personal and very relationship-driven industry has now turned into something else, and technology has been the leading factor for this change.


There is nothing inherently wrong with the emergence of technology, and most people consider the accomplishments of technology to be quite the positive marks on society. Technology has certainly never shown any signs of being detrimental to the progress of business and society, but it would also be wrong to say that it has had minimal impact. The plain fact is that technology has allowed clients and professionals alike to become lazier with the way they handle their business. According to Hunt Gersin, this growing embrace of technology has effectively taken the place of personal relationships in the business setting. It is a trend that he is not fully behind solely because he believes that it is not best for the business.


There is no getting around the fact that with statistics being made readily available to clients of the mortgage professionals, that there has also been a growing belief that personal relationships have just become obsolete, but this is a false assumption in the eyes of Hunt Gersin. He fervently believes that the numbers people have in their disposal are still not enough to paint an accurate picture of a given situation. He believes that the numbers can only tell a part of the story, and that for the most part, the most important details of a particular transaction are still only visible once personal contact has been established. He believes that business cannot succeed without the presence of a personal relationship and he believes that is even more applicable to the mortgage industry.

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