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How the Internet Has Changed the Job Market Forever

netNot too many years ago, if you were a company looking to take on staff you would place an advertisement in a newspaper or relevant industry publication, hope it was seen by a suitable candidate and with any luck eventually end up with a decent employee. Job-hunting was similarly time-consuming, necessitating hours spent trawling through newspapers or scouring the windows of recruitment agencies. But the internet has changed all that forever. The job market is access all areas, with businesses able to reach out to candidates across the globe and prospective employees able to find any job, anywhere.

Bigger, Faster, More

Essentially, the internet has shrunk the world, allowing us to forge global links that were unimaginable just a couple of decades ago. A company in New York can advertise a position, the details of which can immediately be seen as far away as Sydney, Australia. Employers have access to a vast pool of potential applicants, allowing them to cherry-pick the very best people for the job. Interviews can take place via video-messaging, so distance or time differences need not be a barrier to locating the perfect employee. Alternatively, the entire process can be managed via a thirty party if a company uses a recruitment agency to hire staff. The internet means CVs can be submitted, references checked and contracts agreed in a matter of days. A procedure that was very long-winded has become much faster.

Online or Invisible

Companies these days cannot afford not to have an online presence if they wish to be taken seriously in the global marketplace. This is true of any business, whether you are a shop, a legal firm or are setting up a recruitment agency. A good-looking website is vital, not only as a marketing tool to impart information about your company, but also to serve as an online shop front for your services. Your company website allows prospective employees to research you, enabling them to gain a better understanding of your business and allowing then to tailor their applications according. A poorly maintained website conveys an unprofessional image, making your company less attractive to potential staff.

Brand New You

Having an online profile is more important than ever, not only for those inĀ recruitment, but also for people seeking employment. Industry commentators Real Business suggest that how candidates utilise social media will have an impact on the success of their job-hunting. Developing a visible profile is essentially about packaging your skills and achievements into a saleable brand that will be attractive to potential employers. You can, for example, post your insights or opinions on relevant blogs and forums. It is vital to remember, however, that anything you post on a social media platform may be seen by prospective employers. Photos of drunken exploits or opinionated rants about your previous employers are best kept private if you want to retain a professional image.

The changes the internet have made to the job market have been largely positive for both potential employees and companies with vacancies to fill. Employers have access to a far larger pool of prospective candidates, whilst social media sites provide additional opportunities for applicants to demonstrate their skills and promote their brand.

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