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Can Zaarly Improve Your Love Life?

Today’s technology can make you look a little more suave to your date or significant other…well, now that Zaarly has entered the game. The buy and sell goods or services website is cornering the market for lovelorn daters and spouses, providing them with tools to make a special evening or event even more special.

For example, the girl of your dreams has finally agreed to go out with you, problem is, she’s a huge professional basketball fan and you can only score tickets in the nosebleed section.

Here’s where Zaarly can save the day. Put out a call to the Zaarly community that you are looking for impressive seats for tonight’s game, name your price and when you’d like to grab them. The minute you click, “Zaarly It!” thousands of community members can see your post, with many responding within hours of the listing.

Tell your girl you only have nosebleed seats (don’t forget to use that cute puppy dog face) and as you arrive at the venue, Voila! Present the awesome tickets and look like a hero.

Or, let’s say you are in the doghouse with your wife because you forgot to shovel the driveway this morning after a monster storm–and now she is going to be late for work. Sure flowers and chocolates are nice, but the one thing that married women find most appealing is help.
Even though you managed to quickly shovel a path from the garage to the street during the wee hours of the morning, she’s still annoyed. You have to get to work too but the driveway still needs shoveling. Grab your iPhone or Android and head to the Zaarly application. Announce to the Zaarly community that you’ll pay “x amount” of money for someone to come to your house during the day and shovel the driveway.

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