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Are you a Business mentor !

If you have a business in trouble, a business owner or an employee is trying to go on a company that deals with, you may find yourself wondering how to find a business mentor can help you move forward. This is an important issue, because the right mentor can make a big difference in their career, regardless of the job you’re in

There are several places you can look to find a business mentor. If you live in US Small Business Administration sponsors an organization called SCORE. SCORE stands for Service Corp of retired executives. They offer free advice to entrepreneurs and managers. They are represented by retired executives from various industries and are a great resource for advice. When working with SCORE counselor, you may be able to develop a relationship that evolves into a mentoring relationship

Another place to find a mentor, join a professional organization that focuses on your industry. It will put you in contact with many members of your industry. Take time to build a relationship with some of them and your mentor can take out of this group.

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